Let’s Get Acquainted…

The majority of the content I’ve ever published publicly has been “business” and “entrepreneurship” focused.1

Where my heart truly lies is in deeper, more meaningful (to me personally) and intriguing subject matters like human nature, human behavior, ancient philosophy, archetypal psychology, mindfulness, self-awareness, consciousness, and many other things that make us all human and connected.

I’ve found that these subjects often intersect, revealing fascinating correlations and deeper insights into our shared human experience, and like a fractal, they exhibit endless complexity, depth, and beautiful patterns.

Though, in order to get to know me, you’ll need to get to know all “aspects” of me.

Well, sorta… I’ll explain.

There are parts of me that only a handful of people, my council so to speak, get to see and experience.

The people closest to me, each aware of the way this Game we call life seems to operate, and those I get to “lean on” and “call on” for perspective, wisdom, and guidance when I need it.

What I’ll share here, for now anyway, is neatly and deliberately curated.

But before I get into my “origin” story, I’d like to provide some context about how I’m gonna set the tone for this ‘About Page’.

As humans, we go through several developmental stages in our lives: infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Throughout my life, I’ve experienced several of these “stages” of identity (as I’m sure you have if you’re reading this). All of which I’ve either grown out of, adjusted, or polished over time.

Some of those identities were of my own making, and until recently (the last several years or so), most ways of being were given to me or taught to me by somebody else—people around me like family members, friends, coaches, teachers, people on the internet, and others that’ve influenced me in some way.

The focus of this page will be to give you insight into my perspective of my childhood, adolescence, and present adulthood. Like many of us, the Cam that many came to know early on in my life is not the Cam I am today.

Though, all of the past, present, and future identities are essential ingredients to the stew that is me. Each identity has been made up of some masculine, some feminine, some mature, and some immature aspects.

Little Cam, The Creator

The middle child of three, with British, Irish, and Indigenous American (presumably Mexican and Native American) ancestry, who was born into a family that didn’t quite fit.

With no consistent fatherly guidance or the comfort and nurturing of a mentally and emotionally stable mother, his place in his family is like a sweater that’s comfortable around the torso but whose sleeves are too short when extended.

I like to compare him to Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes—precocious, mischievous, and adventurous—but without the imaginary tiger friend.

When he’s on his best behavior, he’s the sweet, sensitive, kind, and gentle little boy in me.

And when he’s not, well, get familiar with the comics if you aren’t already, and that’ll tell you everything you need to know.

As children, specifically from age two to seven, we navigate the world from a theta state of brainwave frequency.

This is the state most closely associated with creativity, imagination, and wonder.

As adults, we experience this when we’re in a deep state of relaxation, meditation, or sleep, and it’s what many people refer to as the “flow” state.

Children are the most malleable and impressionable at this age and in this state, constantly observing and modeling the giant humans (our parents, teachers, older siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) around us while we learn how to do it for ourselves.

To the point that we’re sometimes branded and labeled as things that don’t quite fit who and how we actually are.2

The majority of my early communication and behavioral tendencies were shaped and formed by the time I was around 7 years old.

When I wasn’t sneaking off to explore my neighborhood, or secretly waiting for my adult neighbors to get home so I could ask them all of the unanswerable annoying little kid questions, I was playing with marbles, collecting colorful rocks (the kind you get at a National Park Visitor’s Center), finishing Sudoku puzzles, fantasizing about slaying the dragon and saving the princess, or listening to my Pink Floyd and Tears for Fears cassette tapes.

Some of my fondest memories being Little Cam were falling asleep listening to the late night local classical music radio station on my Panasonic RX-DS17 stereo.

He’s an old soul if you couldn’t tell.

And even though Little Cam is pretty fucking awesome, he could’ve greatly benefited from being shown what we think was Einstein’s quote:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

His transition from childhood to adolescence is where things got interesting and his identity started to make some significant shifts.

Like many children as they enter their adolescence, Little Cam began to lose his sense of wonder, awe, and amazement about the world.

Because those who are supposed to demonstrate what it looks like to be grown up, mature, stable, and sorted, weren’t, he had to figure many things out for himself.

At this point, he was basically at a calculus level with his understanding of language and human behavior (as many of us are at that age).

He began to be conscious of self and could feel the confusion that comes with not feeling secure in himself or those around him.

His identity began to form and take shape.

Stuff and things turned sweet, sensitive Little Cam into his teenage identity, Cameron.

Cameron, The Tinkerer and Protector

His job became to protect Little Cam.

He developed an armor around his heart that, even when poked, prodded, and slashed, can never be broken.

Now, it’s as light as a feather, and as hard as dragon scales, like Mithril.

He’s the version of me that has thoughts, feelings, and opinions about his experience, but learned to keep them to himself in order to deal with the least amount of shit possible from the people around him.

Proficient in the understanding of what life can look like behind closed doors, he isn’t really interested in what many “grown ups” have to say; he doesn’t trust them, and certainly doesn’t see the majority of them as an example of who he wants to be.

He’s also the version of me that often finds himself taking “things” apart and putting them back together… particularly around his “self” and how he relates to the world.

He seeks what lies beneath the surface of this experience we call life and craves an understanding of how it works.

And in an effort to show himself and others that he’s determined to be different, to be his own person, to do things his way, to succeed, and because he’s an experimenter and leader in his own right, much of his time was spent jumping headfirst into life’s experiences.

With no other responsibilities, obligations, or attachments at the time, he’s had hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations, traveled all over the world, and met remarkable people doing remarkable things.

He was recognized as a Top 50 Agency Partner at ActiveCampaign worldwide in 2019, flown to Italy for his professional expertise in 2021, featured as a New & Noteworthy podcast host, been invited to party in Las Vegas penthouses, held ‘board’ meetings with CEOs on the Costa Rican surf, and enjoyed his 15 minutes of ‘micro-stardom’ in his hometown.

Speaking about local advertising at a real estate conference in 2018. Oof, I cringe at the sight of this lol

His experiences have also been marked by dishonesty, overcommitment, and misunderstandings, leading to a few burned bridges and regrettable decisions—selling one’s soul for money is real.

He got a crash course in what not to do and how not to be, and it was transformative in reshaping his understanding of what it means to be the right kind of man, friend, and person… for him.

These less than favorable experiences woke him up to the possibility of becoming a completely new version of himself—one of integrity, service, and goodwill.

They led him to a modern-day wizard named Seamus, who acted as a father figure, older brother, and substitute guide, showing him himself, teaching him A way to be happy, and educating him on many of life’s mysteries.

Like many adolescent men, Cameron is bold, fearless, and willing to jump into the abyss of himself; and jump he did.

More on that later…

This brings me to who I am today.

Cam, The Conductor

Today, my responsibilities are centered around appropriately managing and orchestrating the little boy and adolescent in me.

Ensuring that I preserve the sweet, kind, and gentle nature, as well as the sense of wonder, enjoyment, and amazement of my little boy, while also satisfying my adolescent’s urge to discover, conquer, and build.

At the same time, I aim to navigate myself in the world effectively, efficiently, and appropriately, without causing myself and others nonsense to deal with.

I’m also not interested in being “The Guy” that’s worshiped, followed, or praised in any capacity, especially not around subjects as dense, nuanced, and sacred as the ones I’ll be writing about here.

That means I’m not actively striving to speak on stages, do podcast tours, gain millions of followers, or be quoted in whatever publication is sought after these days. I’ve already played that Game (see above).

My interests, desires, and ambitions are centered around a slower, more thoughtful, restful, and easy way of living. One that’s not focused around trying to “get” something or “be” something—I already am and have everything I want.

Our younger versions of ourselves never leave us (and we’re also not supposed to kill them off or make them our enemy); we must learn to integrate them to benefit us and work together, so they don’t hinder us.

In our adulthood, our job is to learn how to balance our masculine and feminine nature, while also maturing the immature tendencies we’ve developed as youngins.

That means, slowing down, paying attention, and being present enough to catch myself when I’m being a way that I’d rather not be, likely an immature version of my adolescent that created automations and coping mechanisms to deal with his experience and protect Little Cam.

To become the version of me that I want to be for ME, my wife, my closest relationships, in my work, with money, and for my future children, along with many other facets of my life.

All so I can act as a guide for those who will come after me, look back on my experience as an “old” man, an elder in my tribe, and marvel at what I was able to accomplish—with a smile on my face, love in my heart, a quiet mind, and peace in my home.

  1. Much of my writing and future content will be designed to look, be, and feel like it’s being created by my elder self—the highest, most ideal, truest potential, most mature, grown up version of who I wish to be—I’ll call him, Maximus.
  2. When we’re children, especially little boys, we’ve got lots of energy, and unless our caregivers and teachers are capable of dealing with that energy appropriately, we’re often told things like, “Sit still,” until we are no longer a distraction to our environment. This can be compounded by being required to sit at a desk in school for 6+ hours a day, learning things that may not fully engage our attention.

    That energy needs an outlet, and in the absence of the survival threats our ancestors dealt with, we’ve developed coping mechanisms to manage our energy and avoid spiraling out of control.

    I was labeled as having “special needs” in grade school because of this.

    These coping mechanisms often carry over into adulthood to keep ourselves “in check.” Even though I don’t identify with the label, it’s a significant reason why I believe we are experiencing an attention deficit (ADHD) epidemic. ↩︎