Published: May 2024


I’m Cam:

Craftsman at Kensho Craft, Sovereign Creator, aspiring Tiny Digital World Builder, keeper of the peace, protector of my realm, dogfather, and sanctuary for my wonderful wife, Angelina.

My emphasis here will be navigating the perplexing wonder of life, entrepreneurship, creativity, and the perennial pursuit of understanding what it means to be a hu(man).

In the spirit of personal web pages of old, this site will become a sanctum, a repository of musings, perspectives, and curiosity.

This is my playground where I get to explore all of the cool, different, and potentially weird things that I’m interested in, mostly for me to entertain my selves.

Eventually, this site will become a world for others who dig what I have to say to inhabit, discuss, commune, and create. It will likely be a decade-long personal project of mine that will expand and grow as my perspective expands and grows.

More coming soon…

For now, please look around, get acquainted, and see if I’m your kinda people.